Frequently Asked Questions

How to use?

Firstly, shave the surface of the gel nail. Then, apply cotton which contains nail polish remover, and cover with aluminum foil so not to dry. Wait until the gel is melted, and remove the gel. Be careful not to damage your natural nail. We recommend to shave slowly at first.

Which Petitor type should I get?

If you are a beginner, the Petitor C is good. Little usage and for only yourself should get the Petitor M. More frequent users may be happy with the Petitor L. The Petitor S is good for professionals and salons.

Can I use other maker bids?

Other nail machine vender, ‘Urawa’, ‘Naillabo’, Mini-rooro’ bits (φ2.34mm) are also available, but there are rare types of bits which not available.

What’s the both sides (double sided) revolution?

It can spin in both right and left directions. You can change the revolution when switching to remove the another hand.

After shaved off the gel, what should I do?

Please apply oil or hand cream to your nail and hands.

Can I use not only USB cable but also general power plugs?

Yes, please use attached Power adaptor(100V-240V/50-60Hz).

Can I use overseas?

It is available from 100V to 240V. And we have Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English operation manuals.

Can I get refund?

If you are in Japan, can get refund within 1 week from arrival, subject to shipment. In other country, please consult us by mail.