'Petitor' was developed by an experienced nail salon, Kireido.
It is small and light, but powerful gel nail removal machine which can be connect with USB cables. You are capable of adjusting the speed and switching both sides of revolution, forward & reverse. You can remove your nail gel in a short time.

Developed by an experienced nail salon.

Able to connect to USB socket

Forward & Reverse

Dial control function which is capable of changing revolutions speed

Easy and simple to remove Gel nails.


'Petitor' has 4 types of machines.
Safe and easy to use, the Petitor series is loved by many users.

Get one 'Gold Bit'

The set included gold bit which remove the hard gel nail well.

Professional bit set included

You can start soon with special bit set.

Trademark on machine

'Petitor' is a registered trademark.

3 months free repair

Only for Japanese domestic customer, we will repair your Petitor for free within 3 months.

Utility model registered

Petitor is our original product and registered utility model.

Available in 4 languages

We have Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English manuals.